“Road to Success” training event.

3 days dedicated to your transformation, aiming to improve your life quality and help you achieve your dreams.


“Road to Success” training event.

3 days dedicated to your transformation, aiming to improve your life quality and help you achieve your dreams.


beliefs, habits, intentions, convictions
The biggest obstacles are in our minds 


emotions, development, focus
One of the main sources of energy...


team, philosophy, culture, leadership
In any interaction...


decisions, motivation, implementation
Motivation is the result of our desire...


A successful entrepreneur, book author, and philanthropist.

Vasili always looks ahead. His vision is to expand business beyond the Balkan region, continuously investing in self-development and give incessant contribution to the community.

In 30 years he has created 15 enterprises by applying the laws and principles of success in business, and by sharing them with others.


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Eglent Bici

Eglenti Bici - an entrepreneur with over 12 years in the Albanian market focused mainly on the field of real estate with his company Mei Realty. Eglenti during his experience has assisted in € 100,000,000 in transactions. He is a trainer of the School of Public Administration. He is also a representative of Success Resources for Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia & moderator of SuperVlera podcast.


    This is a limited time offer.


    The proceeds from this event will be donated to charity. The net income realized by this event will serve as a contribution to the community and as another way of transforming the lives of other members of the Albanian society.

    In an effort to contribute to other groups in need of Albanian society, all net income from this event will be used for charity.

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    This training-event will be held during three days. It starts on Friday, November 19, 2020 and it ends on Sunday, November 21, 2020.

    This training-event will be broadcasted live online on ZOOM, from Friday, 19th of November to Sunday 21st of November in the following schedules:

    Friday, 19th of November 2021

    Event duration: 13.00 - 19.30 (Tirana Time Zone) GMT+1

    Saturday, 20th of November 2021

    Event duration: 09.00 - 19.30 (Tirana Time Zone) GMT+1

    Sunday, 21st of November 2021

    Event duration: 09.00 - 14.30 (Tirana Time Zone) GMT+1

    Broadcast connection: Each day 45 minutes before starting time 

     "Road to Success" by Vasil Naçi will be a comprehensive, interactive and an online live broadcasted experience. In order for you to get the most out of this training event, it is important to get organized by booking the time intervals of each day, which will enable you to be focused and to enjoy every moment.

    If you are in a different time zone, we recommend shifting your schedule on event week to be able to fully immerse in this event!

    * Event times are approximate only and subject to change.

    Platforma online që do të përdoret është platforma ZOOM Cloud Meetings. Këshillojmë të keni shkarkuar dhe instaluar versionin më të fundit në pajisjen me të cilën do të ndiqni eventin.

    Yes. To be able to follow the event without encountering technical problems it is important to have a stable and strong internet connection (over 5 Mbps).

    On November 16th, you will be sent a link at the email address you registered at the time of the ticket purchase. This is the link you’ll use to register to the event. Please note that this email will have this subject title: "REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN".

    When you click the link you will be directed to a page in which you will fill in your data (name, surname, email address). It is important that the information you provide is accurate and matches the information provided at the time of ticket purchase.

    To guarantee your presence at the event it is very important that this data remains confidential and not shared with others, as they will be used as identification elements during the event admission process later on. These credentials ensure the presence of only one person, the one who uses them during event admission. 

    If this link has not reached you within November 18th 2020 at 20.00, please contact us at info@rrugadrejtsuksesit.com or sms +355 69 210 0816, or at +355 67 606 0112. info@rrugadrejtsuksesit.com ose me mesazh në numrat +355 69 210 0816 dhe +355 6760 0112.

    Once you have been admitted at the event you should click on the "Join Meeting in progress" button that opens the ZOOM application where you will attend this event. 

    If you are using mobile devices after clicking "Join meeting" button, Chrome or Zoom applications will appear as options used to enter. You must select the ZOOM option.

    Nëse trajnimin do e ndiqni nga pajisjet mobile duhet të ndiqni këto hapa, të cilët i gjeni në pjesën majtas poshtë ekranit: 

    • Bëni “Join Audio”. Nga dy opsionet që ju dalin zgjidhni “Call Over Internet”
    • Bëni “Start Video”. Për Android duhet të konfigurohen "Settings”, ku të zgjidhni “Allow Zoom to access your audio, video”).

    Pranimit në event kërkon përafërsisht 30 minuta, kohë gjatë të cilës ju do të jeni në “dhomën e pritjes” deri në momentin e pranimit. Skuadra jonë do të bëjë më të mirën që pritja juaj të jetë sa më e shkurtër.  

    Pas lidhjes në platformën ZOOM duhet të testoni zërin (audio) dhe figurën (video) e pajisjes tuaj, të cilat sugjerojmë t’i keni konfiguruar saktësisht.

    If someone else has used your data to access the event and you are denied the connection, please contact us at the email address info@rrugadrejtsuksesit.com or on mobile +355 69 210 0816, or at +355 67 606 0112, so that our team handles the situation.

    Can I use the same credentials on different devices?

    You can connect to the event using your credentials (name, surname, email address) only from one device (mobile, pc, tablet, etc.). If you want to change the device you during the event, you should click "leave meeting" button, and then you must go through the admission process once again on the other device you are going to use.

    What do I need to do, so I can have a high listening quality of the event?

    We suggest using additional speakers or headphones on your device in order to enhance your experience.

    Përdorni një ekran sa më të madh për ta ndjekur eventin. Sigurisht, ju mund të përdorni telefonin, por atmosfera ka për të qenë krejt e ndryshme. Ndaj ne ju rekomandojmë një ekran më të madh, një tablet, kompjuter, ose idealja do të ishte ekrani i një TELEVIZORI. SA MË I MADH EKRANI, AQ MË MIRË!

    Kujdesuni edhe për aspektin e dëgjimit. Nëse dëshironi të keni një përvojë të paharrueshme virtuale duke i ndjerë plotësisht efektet zanore, edhe përtej ndikimit të platformës ZOOM, ju sugjerojmë të rregulloni sistemin audio të pajisjes tuaj me altoparlantë dhe/ose kufje shtesë. 

    Ne rekomandojmë përdorimin e aplikacionit CHROME për të hyrë në event. Nëse është e mundur, shkarkoni versionin më të fundit të aplikacionit ZOOM në pajisjen të cilën do të përdorni për të ndjekur eventin.

    The event is live, there is no replay version. Save this on your agenda. Please block out the time in your diary. This is unprecedented access to Vasil, and LIVE straight to you, in the comfort of your home.

    Yes, there is one login per each “Road to Success” Virtual 2021 ticket holder. This login will be unique for each ticket holder, and can only be used on one device at a time. If you want a second person to have access, they will need to purchase a ticket to the event.

    Yes. Training brochures, and other graphic materials will be available for each participant, and will be delivered via email.

    No. We request you not to capture, broadcast or record any parts of the event. Please respect Vasili, our guest speakers and our awesome participants in keeping this event a confidential and safe space. Anyone who violates this policy will be asked to leave this event and be removed from all groups.

    Although there will be some breaks in the program, we recommend you prepare your food, snacks and water in advance and keep them close by so you don't miss any of the program. Be sure to stay hydrated (drink water constantly).

    No, the material and language used in “Road to Success" is suitable to all attendees, even if you are in the presence of the whole family, regardless of age. Certainly a series of business-focused concepts are more appropriate for those who have a more business profile.

    Yes. Exactly, the fact that you can interact with Vasili even though this is a live broadcasted online event, makes this event unique in its kind.

    Due to technological technicalities, we need some time to ensure the connection between Vasili and you, so in such eventuality we rely on you understanding.

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