17 - 19 November

Venue ExpoCity, Tirana

Venue ExpoCity, Tirana

17 - 19 November

“Road to Success” training event.

3 days dedicated to your transformation, aiming to improve your life quality and help you achieve your dreams.


beliefs, habits, intentions, convictions
The biggest obstacles are in our minds 


emotions, development, focus
One of the main sources of energy...


team, philosophy, culture, leadership
In any interaction...


decisions, motivation, implementation
Motivation is the result of our desire...


A successful entrepreneur, book author, and philanthropist.

Vasili always looks ahead. His vision is to expand business beyond the Balkan region, continuously investing in self-development and give incessant contribution to the community.

In 32 years he has created 15 enterprises by applying the laws and principles of success in business, and by sharing them with others.


Eglent Bici

Eglenti Bici - an entrepreneur with over 12 years in the Albanian market focused mainly on the field of real estate with his company Mei Realty. Eglenti during his experience has assisted in € 100,000,000 in transactions. He is a trainer of the School of Public Administration. He is also a representative of Success Resources for Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia & moderator of SuperVlera podcast.


    This is a limited time offer.


    The proceeds from this event will be donated to charity. The net income realized by this event will serve as a contribution to the community and as another way of transforming the lives of other members of the Albanian society.

    In an effort to contribute to other groups in need of Albanian society, all net income from this event will be used for charity.

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    The event will take place at Expo City, at Tirana-Durres Highway.

    The event schedule is as following:

    Friday, November 18th 2022       13.30 – 19.00

    Saturday, November 19th 2022        09.00 – 19.00 

    Sunday, November 20th 2022           09.00 – 14.30

    Reminder: To avoid long queues and any delays, all participants are requested to show up early.

    Also keep in mind that the above training times are approximate. Vasili is committed to the highest standards of knowledge transmission and insists that all material be treated in full, so the schedule is subject to change.

    Group ticket price depends on the number of attendees and the time of purchase. For group discounts please contact a “Road to Success” representative at +355 67 210 0816.

    The only seats that are assigned are those in sections “PLATIN” “GOLD” and “SILVER”.

    Within a section you can seat wherever you like. 

    The number of disponible seating for the “PLATIN” section is 150.

    Unfortunately, the agenda will not be distributed in advance. Vasili is a true believer of the power of total devotion, and only its pursuing will enable the maximum benefit for you. Visit the "Training-event “Road to Success”” section to learn more about this.

    You can make the necessary payments in all branches of BKT (National Commercial Bank), on behalf of ON TIME CONCEPT A-C-S

    • IBAN Euro: AL9420511014787273CLPRCFEURA
    • Account number: 401787273

    You can also make transfers from other banks to BKT. After the payment is made, you will be contacted by Customer Service which will provide you with your ticket.

    You can use your credit/debit card to purchase your electronic ticket by clicking on “BUY” button at www.rrugadrejtsuksesit.com, or at www.easypay.al/liveevents/rrugadrejtsuksesit. www.rrugadrejtsuksesit.com, ose në adresën www.easypay.al/liveevents/rrugadrejtsuksesit.

    To buy tickets in cash you can go to Easypay or MeyRealty outlets.

    "Road to Success" ticket is an electronic one, with a unique identification code and will arrive at your email address upon payment. Tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable. iF you are going to buy one or more tickets, make sure that you have filled in all the necessary information such as: full name, e-mail address and phone number for each ticket beneficiary. If tickets are purchased from sources other than those authorized, they will be considered invalid. The sector in which you can stay will be marked on your ticket. Seats in each sector are not numbered, so you are free to sit wherever you want within the sector marked on your ticket. Early registration and entry to the hall allows you to secure a more convenient place to stay.

    Yes. All the participants will receive their training brochures and their pen at the registration booth. Please keep in mind that they are unique and you can not replace them.

    YES, of course. Vasili is the main speaker and will be on stage and fully in action every single day.

    As a standard “Road to Success” is a 3 days full immersion event. Vasili’s aim is that all participants achieve their goal. It means that every day’s program will last as long as necessary to meet the expected outcomes. (For us is very important that everyone get their money’s worth back.)

    Just bring yourself!

    We will provide the material and your event ID. If you tend to write a lot of notes, it’s recommended to bring an extra journal to write in. 

    Reminder: As a means of identification will serve your tickets. Please fill in your NAME clearly and without mistakes, because that part of the ticket will become part of your identity document.


    We will have a selection of books for sale that you can purchase before the start and at the end of the event.

    Water will be provided for you during the event.

    Please dress casually and comfortably. This event will be different from other trainings, with lots of interactions, music and movement. It is recommended to wear clothing you can layer in case the room temperature becomes too cold during this event.

    No. This event is protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws, and any unauthorized recording (via either audio or video) is strictly prohibited. Any materials you are provided to you at the event are also protected by copyright and other laws, and are for your personal use at and after the event. The content may not be copied, posted online or otherwise distributed.

    In the unfortunate event you are unable to attend your ticket may be transferred to another person.

    You are not permitted to transfer your tuition to a future event.

    Once you enroll in this event we guarantee your seat and may have to turn others away. Therefore, all enrollments are final: “THE TICKETS ARE TRANSFERABLE BUT NON-REFUNDABLE”.

    The main reason why tickets are not refundable is that, by buying them you will contribute to a charitable activity, which will be carried out with the net income to be realized from this event.

    For any questions, please contact “Road to Success” team at www.roadtosuccess.com or at +355 69 210 0816. www.rrugadrejtsuksesit.com ose në numrin +355 69 210 0816.

    Yes. The fact that you can interact with Vasili makes this event unique in its kind.

    No, because Vasili does not have a training business. It is part of his mission to contribute to the community. All proceeds from "Road to Success" event will be donated to a charity.


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