A successful entrepreneur, book author, and philanthropist.

Energy, dedication, ambition and conviction in success are an inherent part of him, from the foundation of his first company until today. Leading Agna Group, that after 30 years is the number one company in FMCG in Albania, with over 1600 employees.

He graduated in Finance at the Agricultural University of Tirana and obtained a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the University of New York in Prague. Throughout the years he has been following, attending and participating in numerous personal development training programs about sales, leadership, marketing, management, etc., organized by famous trainers such as Philip Kottler, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, John C. Maxwell, Ken Blanchard, Tom Hoping, etc.

Vasil is the founder and chairman of Agna Leadership Academy and its Board of Directors. He lectures and trains on topics such as: leadership, management, communication, positive thinking, sales, marketing, etc. 

He has brought his experience and knowledge as author and co-author in nine books about very important topics for success in business and personal life such as "Likeable Behaviors and Wisdom in Communication," "Core Values and Belief for Success," “How to Become a Sales Professional”, “Agna Way, the Path to Success", “Communication and Teamwork”, “Time Management and Self-Discipline”, “Positive Thinking and Self-confidence”, “Marketing and the Role of Creativity”, “Human Resources and Laws of Success”.

Today, as an entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of Agna Group, as the creator and main lecturer at Agna Leadership Academy, as a trainer of over 15,000 people, his desires and dreams go beyond personal reach. Vasil's internal challenge now is how to contribute in making the community where we live every day, a better place. 15,000 personave, dëshirat dhe ëndrrat shkojnë përtej arritjes personale. Sfida e brendshme e Vasilit është të kontribuojë për ta bërë komunitetin ku jetojmë çdo ditë, një vend më të mirë.

After 30 years of business experience, as well as an unstoppable investment in knowledge, with the unshakable belief in the importance of being a lifelong learner, every day and from everyone, and mainly from the best regional and world teachers, Vasil Naçi has chosen to contribute and share with the general public his experience and lessons in business and life, as the most precious and long-lasting way of success for every individual and organization. For this, since 2016, he has created and developed the motivational training program "ROAD TO SUCCESS" with over 12,500 participants,500 pjesëmarrës.

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